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RLS Awareness Day - How can you help raise awareness?​

The 2nd annual Australian Restless Legs Syndrome Awareness Day is 23rd September. Below are 10 easy ways you can help raise awareness and education others about RLS.

  1. Write to your local media about RLS and the RLS Awareness Day. Tell them why raising awareness is so important. Share our Media Release with them.

  2. Make a short video or take a selfie and share it with your RLS awareness message. Share it on social media and YouTube with the hashtag #RLSAD

  3. Share our RLS Brochure on social media and via email. You can also download a copy and share it with your doctor.

  4. Help distribute our RLS Brochure. If you would like some hard copies of our brochure to drop off at your local doctor surgeries and perhaps chemists contact us at and lets us know how many copies you would like sent to you and what your address you would like them sent to.

  5. Write a story or share your thoughts with us. We will be sharing stories and thoughts written by people with RLS on our website and across our social media to help raise awareness. You can remain anonymous if you wish. Send your story or thoughts to

  6. Share the stories written by people with RLS to help raise awareness of how RLS affects peoples lives.

  7. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and interact (ie: like, share and comment) with our posts. The more interaction with a post the more Facebook and Twitter will show it to other people.

  8. Share the RLS Awareness Day information posters on social media with your RLS message (don't forget to add the #RLSAD hashtag).

  9. Add the RLS Awareness Day Facebook Frame to your profile pic and encourage friends and family to show their support by doing the same.

  10. Change your Facebook cover to our RLSAD Facebook Cover image (see below).

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