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It helps to know you're not alone. We have members throughout Australia who, like you, experience sleep disorders. Why not join us and keep up to date with the latest research, chat together in person and online and find the support you need.

Membership is available to all sufferers, members of their family, medical professionals, and any member of the public who has an interest in the area of sleep disorders.

If you have any trouble using our membership system please email our membership officer Heath at

Your Donation Helps SDA


We provide free presentations to the public and specific interest groups.


We represent and advocate for people with sleep disorders and liaise with key stakeholders including pharma, Government, clinicians and researchers.


We participate as consumer and patient advocates/advisors on research projects and clinical trials.


Local get togethers where you can meet others with sleep disorders and get involved with local activities and events.


We provide free information booklets and a range of individual information brochures to sleep clinics, doctors and dental surgeries, chemists and other health care professionals for patients and the public.


We participate in awareness initiatives including World Sleep Day and various individual sleep disorder awareness events, including Sleep Apnea Awareness Day.


We maintain a website that includes a range of factsheets and other information that you can download and share.


Facebook Support group.

Social Media channels including Facebook and Twitter.


Bi-Monthly Member Newsletter.


CPAP Buddy Program. A buddy program where we put new CPAP users in contact with more experienced users, for advice and encouragement during the difficult period of initial treatment.


We provide support and give non-medical advice to people about sleep disorders, including how to get diagnosed and available treatments. We also answer other inquiries and send out information brochures.


FREE second hand PAP machine advertising on our website for all members. Non-members are also welcome to advertise.


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Sleep Health & Wellbeing Expo. The Expo was a FREE event held at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre on 9th April 2022. We would like to continue to hold events like this and with your support we can!


Our goal is to spread the message of the importance of having all 4 pillars of health in balance with a particular focus on good sleep health and how to achieve it.

Booktopia Rewards Program

A great way to help us raise funds!

Buy a book via our unique link and we will be rewarded for your purchase. Please share this link with your family and friends.

Note: you must make your purchase via the link above for SDA to receive the reward

Annual Appeal

SDA runs an Annual Appeal each year leading up to the end of the financial year. We receive no government funding and rely on membership subscriptions and donations to fund our activities. Please support us and help us reach our goals.

All donations over $2 are tax deductible. You can donate here or by one of the following methods:

Direct Deposit via electronic transfer, or over the counter at any branch of the Commonwealth Bank 
BSB: 062-240 Acc: 1001 8178 
Please use your surname as a reference, and send a message to the treasurer with the date and amount of deposit, and your name and address for the receipt

Send a cheque to SDA PO Box 5278 Algester Qld 4115 with details for your receipt.

Partner With Us

Our partnership philosophy is one of mutual benefit, not a handout. Sleep Disorders Australia (SDA) reaches thousands of people every year through our website, social media channels, publications, email/phone communication, sleep disorder and sleep health events including the Sleep Health & Wellbeing Expo and the Sleep Apnea Awareness Day and also at various other public events. In return for your financial sponsorship, your business will benefit by receiving company labeling and recognition with a nationwide reach.

We partner with organisations who share our values and commitment to supporting people with sleep disorders and providing quality information and resources to the Australian public. If you are interested in joining us please email Michelle Chadwick at for more information.



A bequest is a gift to a person or organisation provided for in your will. You may wish to make a bequest to Sleep Disorders Australia, usually in one of the following forms:

Proportional Bequest
This can be any percentage of your total estate up to 100%. This type of bequest enables you to share your estate among several people or organisations without specifying the property or the amounts involved. There will be no complications due to fluctuations in the size of your estate or the effects of inflation.

Residual Bequest
With this type of bequest a person or organisation receives the balance of your estate after those specifically named in the Will have been provided for. If your will is not constructed on a proportional basis, it is very important to include a residuary clause in your Will, in order to dispose of any assets not otherwise mentioned.

Specific Bequest
This is a gift of a fixed sum of money, or a specific asset, made to a person or organisation. Over time, the effects of inflation, fluctuations in the value of your estate, and/or the sale and purchase of various assets may necessitate reviewing and updating any specific requests.

Suggested Wording

Sleep Disorders Australia is involved in a variety of projects designed to support people affected by sleep disorders, promote public awareness, provide information and education, encourage and support sleep research, and to campaign for better government funding for sleep medicine facilities and for the equipment needs of sufferers. It is easiest if donations and bequests do not place restrictions on the use of funds, as our activities may change as we identify new needs or opportunities. Depending on the type of bequest you wish to make, suggested wording appears below.

A Proportional Bequest
“I give and bequeath, free of all taxes and duties, .....% of my estate to Sleep Disorders Australia (ABN 98 075 427 459), in aid of that charitable organisation and for its general purposes. A written receipt from an authorised officer of Sleep Disorders Australia is to be accepted by my executors as a full and complete discharge.”

A Residual Bequest
“I give and bequeath to Sleep Disorders Australia (ABN 98 075 427 459), in aid of that charitable organisation and for its general purposes, [a specified share of]* the residue of my estate whether real or personal. A written receipt from an authorised officer of Sleep Disorders Australia is to be accepted by my executors as a full and complete discharge.” 
* Insert the share amount, or delete these words, as deemed appropriate

Specific Bequest
“I give and bequeath, [specified sum or asset]* free of all taxes and duties, to Sleep Disorders Australia (ABN 98 075 427 459), in aid of that charitable organisation and for its general purposes. A written receipt from an authorised officer of Sleep Disorders Australia is to be accepted by my executors as a full and complete discharge.” 

* Insert as applicable (e.g. "the sum of $0.00", or "my property at 11 Street name, Suburb, State", or "my collection of antique buttons")

​Feel free to email us at for more information.