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Restless Legs Syndrome Awareness Day 2019

Media Release Restless Legs Syndrome Awareness day 2019

Media Release

For immediate release 10 September 2019

Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS), also known as Willis-Ekbom disease, is a neurological disorder characterised by an irresistible urge to move the legs or other parts of the body, often accompanied by unusual or unpleasant sensations that may be described as tingling, creeping, and crawling. Some liken the sensation to shooting darts of electricity, or even squirming insects inside the legs. It typically happens in the evenings or at night while you're sitting or lying down, but can also happen at any time of the day. Because symptoms most often occur in the evening, they can severely disrupt sleep and dramatically reduce quality of life.

The official RLS Awareness Day is held on is September 23rd to coincide with the birth date of Professor Karl-Axel Ekbom the Swedish neurologist who first described Restless Legs Syndrome in 1945. The Awareness Day has been celebrated in other countries previously, however this is the second year that the event will officially be celebrated in Australia.

There is so little known or understood about RLS and that needs to change. The theme for the inaugural Australian RLS Awareness Day 2018 was “EDUCATION”. We will be carrying on this theme in 2019 as there is still so much more to do. This is an opportunity to raise awareness and educate the medical community and the general public of not just what RLS is but also how it affects people who suffer from it.

“Education is important because so many people suffer in silence. Many doctors don’t know much if anything about RLS and those that do can’t agree on the most appropriate solutions. This is a serious condition that can lead to severe sleep deprivation, fatigue, depression and even suicide. It is important that people who suffer with this disease find the support and treatment they need to live a normal life.” Andrew Fisher RLS sufferer

Sleep Disorders Australia will be hosting the event and invites other organisations and groups to join them.

RLS Awareness Day 23 September 2019

Click here to download a copy of our Media Release and here for a copy of our RLS Brochure About Sleep Disorders Australia Sleep Disorders Australia (SDA) is Australia’s peak patient body for sleep disorders. SDA was founded in 1996 as a not for profit charity. Its mission is to provide information and offer support and assistance to people affected by sleep disorders throughout Australia. SDA also advocates for the needs of people with sleep disorders and raises awareness of sleep disorders and the significance they can have on the lives of those affected by them.

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