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Personal Stories - Restless Legs Syndrome Awareness

Stories by people with restless legs syndrome (RLS)

Reading about similar experiences can be a tremendous encouragement to those who are wrestling with comparable issues. It’s proof that they are not alone. It also gives them hope. We would like to thank the people who have shared their stories with us. If you would like to add you story contact us at

For nearly all of my life I have suffered with RLS

"...How I survived I do not know. It was so bad some nights I just cried. I suffered some major depression, anorexia, suicidal thoughts, but all the time still continued to think it was my back. Spinal blocks, xrays, Tramadol, Lyrica, nothing touched it. I have had wonderful doctors who have tried and took my complaints seriously however I was giving wrong information to them. I didn’t know how to communicate what was happening to me in a way that they would understand..."


Read Kerry's story

Share your story

To help raise awareness and educate people about RLS we would like to share stories and thoughts written by people suffering from RLS. It is really helpful to show medical professionals, researchers, and other stakeholders stories from people affected by chronic health conditions like RLS. Without real stories, they have no idea of the impact it has and the great need to do more for people with RLS.

It doesn’t have to be a whole life story. Even just a few paragraphs can be powerful. If you struggle to know where to start, start by telling peo
ple what a typical day is for you. Tell people what seeing a doctor is like. How hard was it to find a doctor that understands? Have you actually found a doctor that understands RLS or is your experience still a frustrating one? What does it take to get any kind of appropriate medical care? How supportive are family and friends? How does RLS affect your work, school, social life etc. What do you want people to know about RLS?

If you would like to share your words to help raise awareness please email your piece to You can remain anonymous if you wish.

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