Health Funds and Other Rebates

Many health funds provide a rebate for PAP machines, and some for masks or other accessories. You may also be entitled to an electricity rebate for running CPAP, BiPAP or VPAP machines, depending on the rules in your state. A summary of known benefits appears below.

Electricity Rebates for Life Support Machines


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South Australia

The Essential Medical Equipment Payment is an annual payment from the Federal Government to people, or their carers, who experience additional energy costs from the use of eligible essential medical equipment. More information check out the Australian Government Human Services website:

Health Funds

Specific conditions and waiting periods will vary across health funds. Most will require a supporting letter from your doctor. Some will only pay claims for machines that are bought from an approved supplier. Some funds will give extra "loyalty" benefits. You should check with your fund before making a purchase, to make sure you can fulfill all their conditions and to get a firm quote for the eligible benefit on your particular policy. Please consider the following information as a general guide only.

AHM - available under the top 3 levels of Hospital cover (not Extras Cover as with most funds). They will give $600 once each 5 years for a new machine, and will give up to $100 each year for new masks or approved accessories.

BUPA - Platimum Extras will give $1,000 each 2 years for a new machine; Gold Extras $750 each 2 years, Silver Extras $500 each 2 years. They do not cover any masks or accessories.

GMBH - will pay up to $200 each 3 years for new machines. They do not cover any masks or accessories.

HCF - Platinum Extras will give $200 each 3 years for a new machine; Gold Extras $150 each 3 years. They do not cover any masks or accessories.

NIB - Top Extras Cover will give $500 each 2 years for a new machine and 75% back on "parts" up to $500 per year. The next level down pays $250 each 2 years for a machine and 60% on parts up to $250 per year.

CPAP machines are expensive and unfortunately, this is one of the reasons people with sleep apnea do not use them.

Did you know there is a No Interest Loan Scheme (NILS) that provides individuals and families on low incomes with access to safe, fair and affordable credit for essential goods and services such as fridges, washing machines as well as medical procedures and medical appliances such as CPAP/APAP machines?

Go to the NILS website to find your nearest NILS provider