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Adelaide Sleep Retreat 2019

The Adelaide Sleep Retreat is on again in 2019 and celebrating an amazing 10 years!

The Adelaide Sleep Retreat is a one day conference showcasing the exciting sleep related research being conducted in Adelaide and South Australia. The city of Adelaide is unique in terms of the concentration of world-class sleep researchers, and the work presented will cover a variety of sleep fields.  These include: sleep apnoea, insomnia, paediatric and adolescent sleep, sleep and performance, human factors, new methodologies in sleep recording and diagnostics.

The Adelaide Sleep Retreat is a not-for-profit event that relies on the support of sponsors such as Sleep Disorders Australia. The event is organised by sleep researchers across the major tertiary institutions based in South Australia, namely The University of South Australia, Flinders University, The University of Adelaide, Appleton Institute, and Adelaide Institute for Sleep Health. The first Retreat was in 2010 and has run every year since, making this year’s event the 10th anniversary.

Sleep Disorders Australia (SDA) has been an integral partner of the Adelaide Sleep Retreat since 2011, and has supported the event in every year since – making us the second oldest continual partner of the Adelaide Sleep Retreat.  SDA have specifically sponsored the Young Investigator Award prize and session, and the award is now jointly named as the ‘Adelaide Sleep Retreat – Sleep Disorders Australia Young Investigator Award’.

Each year a member of SDA is invited to join the judging panel for the award.  This involves rating each of the eligible presentations during the day on criteria such as ‘presentation skills’, ‘scientific value’, and ‘community or clinical application’.  The ‘Adelaide Sleep Retreat – Sleep Disorders Australia Young Investigator Award’ recognises the best presentation by an early career sleep researcher at the Retreat.

This year Professor Danny Eckert has been invited to share his expertise on new advances in sleep apnoea pathogenesis and treatment.  Also, an early career researcher Dr Anna Kontos will discuss “is Sleep Disordered Breathing in childhood a modifiable risk factor for early vascular aging?”.

There is wide representation from physicians across Adelaide, but also researchers, allied health professionals and students. The Retreat typically attracts around 100 attendees.

Date: Thursday, 5th of December 2019 Time: 9:00am - 5:00pm Location: Adelaide Pavilion, South Terrace Attendance is free and includes lunch and network breaks.

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