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Sleep Disorders Australia's (SDA) Board has discussed the desire to rebrand with a new logo for some time. The existing logo is over 20 years old and does not reflect the majority of our members and our purpose. We considered a modernised version of the current owl logo but it was decided that this symbol does not adequately reflect our members’ needs. They struggle mostly with daytime functioning so we considered many alternative symbols in the process. The idea to use the yin yang symbol came from a paper by the Uni of Qld called the "Ying and Yang of Sleep and Attention” which talks about the importance of sleep and its vital role in the complex state of wakefulness, ie: cognitive function (attention, memory etc). We concluded that this was a good foundation because it represents balance. We believe a balanced, holistic approach is required for good sleep health and reflects SDA's goal to improve the lives (wakefulness/yin) of people with sleep disorders by providing support, raising awareness and educating about sleep (yang) and sleep disorders. We added a sun and moon symbol as an acknowledgement of day and night, with an orange gradient and blue gradient background (respectively) to symbolise the transition between both night and day, wake and sleep. Orange was chosen to contrast the blue because, psychologically, it is bright, warm and promotes rejuvenation. This is reflective of what our members desire from wakefulness. The calm of the blue reflects the desirable state of mind which is conducive to quality, restorative sleep. Also, in psychology, the colour blue represents trust, reliability and calm which supports the rapport we are trying to build with our audience. Overall, we feel the new logo’s symbolic elements and colours reflect our members’ needs and desires, and is more inclusive than the existing owl symbology.

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