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Be prepared for power outages this summer

With the summer storm season fast approaching, and the likelihood of power outages, please prioritise a backup plan for your PAP device.

Here’s a checklist for you to consider in your plan:

  • Do you have surge protection on the power outlet you plug your PAP device into? These are an affordable protective mechanism which prevent damage to your device in the event of a power surge or lightning strike, and is well worth the investment.

  • Do you have alternate power supply, such as a generator or uninterrupted power supply (UPS)? If so, do you have fuel for the generator? Consider how long your UPS will power your PAP+humidifier for.

  • Do you have a battery backup? If so, set a reminder to routinely recharge it throughout the year. If not, what is your alternate plan? For example, a mandibular advancement splint. Consider a purchase now before you urgently need it.

  • Do you also use oxygen cylinders? If so, do you have spares? Are they filled and working?

  • Do you have an alternate power supply for your phone, in case of emergency or prolonged power outages? Cordless phones are popular but will not work without power supply. Keep your mobile phone well charged before a storm hits and consider purchasing a power bank type of rechargeable battery pack. Make a note to routinely recharge it so it’s ready for when you need it.

Having a PAP battery charged and ready, ensures continuity of your essential PAP therapy. As well as being an excellent backup tool for unplanned power disruptions, they are also perfect for travel. Take your PAP battery on your flight, road trip or camping. Before purchase, check your PAP manufacturer’s guidelines for battery use, as you may require an additional fitting.

Plan now and be prepared.

Have you registered your PAP device with your electricity provider?

Contact your electricity retailer or distributor to register your PAP machine as a life support device. PAP machines qualify under the eligibility criteria of “Chronic Positive Airway Pressure respirator”.

You need to complete their form, which may also require your Doctor’s validation. They will then list you on their register as being a customer who uses life support equipment which relies on a stable power supply. While it doesn’t necessarily guarantee you continuity of supply or priority restoration during an outage, it is still a task worth doing.

Once registered, your supplier will be required to give you appropriate notice before disconnecting your electricity supply for planned interruptions, which can bring you peace of mind.

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