Partner With Us

Our partnership philosophy is one of mutual benefit, not a handout. Sleep Disorders Australia (SDA) reaches thousands of people every year through our website, social media channels, publications, email/phone communication, sleep disorder and sleep health events including the Sleep Apnea Awareness Day and personally at various public events. In return for your financial sponsorship, your business will benefit by receiving company labeling and recognition with a nationwide reach.

We partner with organisations who share our values and commitment to supporting people with sleep disorders and providing quality information and resources to the Australian public. If you are interested in joining us please email Michelle Chadwick at for more information.

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Our information booklet is distributed free to new patients at sleep clinics, sleep specialists' rooms, chemists, GP's and community health centres, as well as to the public via our various public events. We print at least 40,000 of our booklets every year. Click on the image to view our current edition.