Media Release - Sleep Health & Wellbeing Expo

AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Issued: 1st July 2021 Australia’s first Sleep Health & Wellbeing Expo comes to Brisbane: 9 October 2021

Sleep Disorders Australia will be hosting Australia’s first Sleep Health & Wellbeing Expo at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre. The goal of the expo is to shine a light on the importance of good sleep health and to show how a holistic approach, incorporating all 4 pillars of health is essential to overall wellbeing. The Sleep Health & Wellbeing Expo is a FREE industry-leading event providing an unparalleled opportunity for people to discover and connect with community services, businesses, and organisations within the sleep, chronic illness, disability and allied health care and lifestyle industries. Our event is not just an expo, it will also feature a diverse and comprehensive speaker program developed by qualified medical and allied health care professionals. Michelle Chadwick, Chair of Sleep Disorders Australia and creator of the expo says that this Australian first has the potential to change lives: “Our expo is the first of its kind to truly focus on overall health and wellbeing. In order to maintain a well-balanced, healthy lifestyle it is important to give the same level of care and attention to four elements, known as ‘Pillars of Health’ - exercise, nutrition, mindset and sleep. These four pillars are our foundation for good health. If one or more of these pillars are not in place it will have a negative impact on the others. Having a good night’s sleep is important for brain function, muscle repair, and metabolism. So, even if you exercise daily and maintain a balanced diet, if your sleep is poor you may struggle to achieve your desired results. Likewise, if your mindset, diet, and exercise is compromised this can have a negative impact on the quality of your sleep. This can set off a vicious cycle that can be hard to get out of."

Free Speaker Program

The expo will feature a free speaker program with presentations on a diverse range of topics. Australian of the year 2020 Dr James Muecke will tell the story of Neil Hansell, a man who woke one morning blind in both eyes due to neglect of his diabetes. Professor Amanda Richdale will discuss sleep and autism. Professor Richdale says, "Sleep difficulties are one of the most common co-occurring conditions reported for autism. Around 50-80% of autistic children have sleep difficulties and our recent research showed that 64% of Australian older adolescents and adults on the spectrum had poor sleep quality. My presentation will examine what we know about sleep problems in autism across the lifespan. What the possible causes are and associations with core autistic traits, daytime behaviour and mental health conditions". Dr Elizabeth Cayanan's presentation will outline “what has gone wrong” with the body in the context of obstructive sleep apnea and type 2 diabetes. It will look at the risk factors associated with each of these conditions and provide practical advice for sustainable weight loss and positive lifestyle changes. Sarah Evans from Inspire Health Services will be talking about physical activity with chronic illness and disability. And Carers Queensland will be giving an information session on the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). There are also talks that are focused on insomnia, including what are healthy sleep practices and how to optimise your sleep through simple (but powerful) lifestyle changes. There will be speaker sessions running all day. View the full speaker program. Important information about the expo: Sleep Health & Wellbeing Expo Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre Saturday 9th October 8.30am - 4pm Expo website: Entry to the Sleep Health & Wellbeing Expo is free to the public. Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea will be provided to all attendees so you must book. Media contact For more information and interview requests contact: Michelle Chadwick 0405 917 736 or ENDS Click here to download a copy of the media release

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