We apologise for any inconvenience however our membership system is not currently working. If you would like to join you can download this form and return it to Membership - [email protected]
Anyone joining now (10 April 2019) until 30 June will have membership through to June 2020.

- Gemma Bryce [email protected]
Membership - Gemma Bryce [email protected]
Media – Michelle Chadwick [email protected]
Marketing including advertising and sponsorship inquiries – Michelle Chadwick [email protected]
SDA Publications including our information booklet – [email protected]
General inquiries
[email protected]

Coordinator for Sleep Apnea
Dr Rebecca Oliver - [email protected]

Coordinator for Narcolepsy, Disorders of Hypersomnolence and Circadian Rhythm Disorders
Michelle Chadwick [email protected]

Coordinator for Restless Legs Syndrome
We are currently in need of a Coordinator for Restless Legs Syndrome. If you are interested in this volunteer role please contact [email protected]

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